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I suggest that you deal business with a seller who lives near your area so that you can avoid shipping and just pick the vending machine yourself.. I hope you are not new to the Ebay market, but for those who are new to Ebay, let me tell you that though Ebay has the best intentions for its buyers and sellers, scam artists can still pose as a seller to get money from unsuspecting people. Scrutinize the transaction associated in a feedback, it is not good if a seller has 100% feedback, only because he had sold lots of e-books. Feedbacks like this may sound fishy, so make sure that you investigate to avoid the risk of being ripped off. If you are not careful with sellers on Ebay, you may end up having a poor quality vending machine; end up buying vending machines that are way too high for their price, or end up getting scammed because the vending machines you paid for did not arrive at all. If you do not want to buy your vending machines from vending machine companies or manufacturers, then you can choose to go to Ebay but be aware of the risk factors when buying vending machines on Ebay. Be mindful of vending machine sellers who only get their feedbacks only thru digital goods. This way, the buyer can make sure that the seller is really reputable. Always deal with sellers who have established their credibility in selling quality vending machines on Ebay. In the list, you will also see their price range and if the seller is near your area. On Ebay, feedbacks are very important because it is the only way you can gauge if the seller is honest and true to his words. Plastic Strapping Machines Manufacturers Ebay is a treasure trove of affordable goodies you will not find in the outside world. Be warned though, even if Ebay may give you the best deal, scam artists can still scam you if you are not careful. Just simply type "vending machines" in the search bar of Ebay and wait for the list showing the different kinds of vending machines people are selling. Feedbacks are given by those people who have dealt with a particular seller. If you are thinking to start a vending machine business, I suggest that you research vending machine manufacturers nearest your area. A 100% feedback is always good not only for the seller but also for the buyer. This way, you would avoid a bogus seller who might say that he had just shipped your vending machine when in reality, he didn't, and you just gave him a huge amount of money. As you may know by now, there are lots of vending machines for sale on Ebay that are either used or unused. Also, make sure that the Ebay seller you are dealing with has very good feedbacks.